Fulcrum Partners Asks: Who Inspires You?

At Fulcrum Partners, we are inspired by those who live their lives with passion, integrity, and selfless generosity-- individuals who dream big and then commit to the hard work and thoughtful planning needed to see big dreams become remarkable realities.
burkina faso people

Canceled once by the dangers and unrest of a political coup, the Love Burkina Faso Festival touches thousands, thanks in part to the generosity of Joanie and Scott Cahill.

John B. Gasangwa, founder of Arise Rwanda

We cannot change the past, but Fulcrum Partners is helping change the future for teenagers in Rwanda through Arise Rwanda and the ValMark Global Gift Fund.

Scott Cahill supports Luis Palau Association

Scott Cahill has long been passionately committed to serving others in his hometown of Orlando, Florida. Now, through his involvement with the Luis Palau Ministry, Scott has extended his generosity—all the way to Ethiopia.

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Ann and Stephen Kaufman add an important cultural legacy to their lifelong commitment of dedicated community service.

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Jordan Rapp follows his dream, even when unforeseen events threaten to take it all away from him.

Creating Meaningful Change: Scott Cahill

The Luis Palau Association has led a 10-year initiative to join with Christians throughout Africa in spreading the good news of the Gospel. Thanks to the generosity of Scott Cahill of Fulcrum Partners, along with other donors, the campaign has now been carried into Ethiopia. Through 175 events held in Addis Ababa and other cities across Ethiopia, more than a quarter million people shared and celebrated hope and the ministry’s evangelic message of joy and faith.

Scott Cahill supports Luis Palau Ministry


The Luis Palau Association began a mission to transform cities by way of a united, sustainable effort involving churches and cultural leaders. CityServe reaches cities around the world. As part of the Luis Palau CityServe project, the Love Ethiopia Festival helped unite local governments and evangelical churches to tear down walls, de-bunk stereotypes, and attack today’s toughest issues including human trafficking, street and gang violence, homelessness, poverty and health and wellness.

Luis Palau Ministry outreach

Through events that extend beyond the participating churches, the Luis Palau Association reaches people in the community through their interests and commitments. Family-friendly entertainment and activities including music and exhibitions by world-class skateboarding, BMX, and FMX athletes, in addition to traditional ministry programs, attract civic leaders, church congregations, and the community at large..

Scott Cahill and the Love Ethiopia Festival

For Scott and Joanie Cahill, community service and involvement are integral parts of daily life and together, they serve in several ministries. Scott also serves on the Board of Directors for the Luis Palau Association and Rock Orlando (an inner city non-denominational church) and on the Board of Trustees at Palm Beach Atlantic University and the National Christian Foundation in Orlando.

Scott Cahill explains, “We love the City Serve projects that the Luis Palau Association organizes around the globe to help the poor and are honored to be one of their sponsors. This year’s project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia will, hopefully, continue as a positive influence on the country.”

Fulcrum Partners, Scott Cahill and Love Ethiopia

The Managing Directors at Fulcrum Partners are men and women who have chosen to live their lives in ways that are true to their passions and personal commitments. As specialists in integrated executive compensation, we are here to help you and your organization better position yourself for making the choices in life that matter to you most.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

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