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409A Nonqualified Deferred Compensation

A nonqualified deferred compensation plan (NQDC) is an executive’s most effective, tax-deferred wealth-accumulation strategy. When a company, as the plan sponsor, integrates executive benefit plans into total rewards, it aligns the objectives of talent and stakeholders in a powerful and cost-effective way. //NQDC, DCPs, SERPs, and other strategic tools//


Executive Benefits Benchmarking

You vs. your peers.

Does your organization benchmark compensation, while overlooking the quantifiable value of executive benefits? Plans may seem comparable on the surface, but when you examine the facts, differences can be substantial …and consequential. //Benefits benchmarking strategies, hard data comparisons, retirement income replacement ratios.//

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Institutional COLI//BOLI//ICOLI

Strong, targeted benefit plans help companies attract and retain top talent. Your organization can manage the liability and expense of its benefit plan by utilizing corporate, bank, or insurance company owned life insurance (COLI), (BOLI), or (ICOLI), while benefiting from it as a tax efficient, income-producing alternative asset on the balance sheet. //Learn more about mitigating risks with COLI, BOLI, or ICOLI solutions.//


Succession Planning

Time and money.

Protect your assets with business succession plans, buy/sell agreements, key person insurance, disability insurance, and executive life coverage.

//Executive insurance products for companies and individuals.//


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