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Deferred Comp: Tax Strategy

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Deferred Comp: Tax Strategy

Some mostly welcome clarification on taxation of deferred comp

George G. Jones JD, LL.M, and Mark A. Luscombe JD, LL.M, CPA, authored an article on tax code changes regarding issues of deferred comp. The article was published on the website  Jones is managing editor in CCH’s Washington office and  Luscombe is principal analyst, at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting.

In their article, Jones and Luscombe looked at the 409A proposed regulations and modifications,  observing that the new proposed regulations and changes to existing modifications not only provided some welcome clarifications  “… but the guidance issued generally comes down in favor of taxpayers in trying to avoid income inclusion from these situations.”

Deferred comp To read their informative article in full, click on Tax Strategy.

You may also be interested in a white paper published by Fulcrum Partners LLC that looks at the proposed 409A tax code modifications and new rules, as well as changes and new rules regarding tax code 457. To view this white paper, click here: Report from Fulcrum Partners 409A and 457 Updates Fulcrum Partners LLC.

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