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Is Your Pay Structured for Lifetime Optimization?

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“How does your executive compensation and benefits plan rank when compared to that of your peers?”

“Even if your benefits plan looks strong now, how does it really pan out and pay off over the years?”

“Do you have a plan or do you have what you really need…a thoughtful and well-constructed strategy?”

These are all questions you should be asking. And they’re not easy …or even possible… to figure out on your own.

Fulcrum Partners can help you know with certainty if your pay is structured for lifetime optimization. When Human Resources executives, compensation committees or C-Suite executives want to know if an executive is being fairly rewarded, they have to be able to see how that key employee’s pay and benefits stack up against the pay and benefits of his or her peer group.

Benchmarking Executive Compensation

Fulcrum Partners is making it easy to analyze how an executive’s pay (which includes benefits) compares over the years. For many top executives, we’ve already built Retirement Income Replacement Ratio (RIRR) charts. For executives and key employees, we can quickly provide them.

To find out if your information is already graphed in an RIRR chart and ready for your review, go to www.fulcrumpartnersllc.com/r3k/search/. If your RIRR charts have not already been built, sign up on that same page providing only your name and your email address. We will send you a link to your personal webpage (PURL), where you can view your RIRR chart, and know with certainty if your pay is structured for lifetime optimization.

To learn more, watch this 30-second video.

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