Security Tips for Plan Sponsors

6 Security Tips for Plan Sponsors to Help Participants Avoid Fraud

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Strategic Retirement Partners (SRP) share the following helpful tips for plan sponsors who seek to do all that they can to keep plan participant accounts secure and fraud-free. Six Easy Steps to Keep Your Plan Assets Safe Cyber fraud is a growing concern globally. Individuals are typically very careful to keep their bank account and email authentication information safe, but …

Bank Owned Life Insurance Deferred Compensation Blog

BOLI: Bank Owned Life Insurance, the What and the Why

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Bank Owned Life Insurance: Executive Overview Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) is an institutional financial product used by the majority of U.S. banks. BOLI involves the purchase of single premium institutionally-priced permanent life insurance on eligible consenting bank officers. The bank is the owner and beneficiary of the policies. Initial lump-sum premium investment equals cash surrender value on day one. …

Nonqualified Plans

Nonqualified Plans: Understanding the Fundamentals

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Background: Since the passage of The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), companies have found it difficult to provide their top executives with a retirement accumulation program that matches the level of benefits the average employee will receive. The Gap is Real   This information is from the Principal Financial Group® Replacement Ratio Calculator with source information from …

Your Fiduciary File: What Plan Sponsors Should Keep

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With tax season in full swing, lists of “What records to keep at tax time” or “How long to keep my tax records” are always plentiful on financial and lifestyle blogs and websites. But last week, the Strategic Retirement Partners blog published a helpful checklist that deals specifically with which records to keep (and for how long) in a Fiduciary …