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Two Compensation Clawback Battles Heating Up

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We are always pleased to share the insights of Attorney Michael Melbinger, Winston & Strawn LLP. The following commentary was published on June 20, 2019, on the Executive Compensation Blog and is highly informative but does not constitute legal advice. The executive benefits consulting professionals at Fulcrum Partners advise you to always consult your own tax, legal, and accounting advisers. …

The 401k Excess Contribution Solution | Offsetting the 401(k) Refund

Offsetting the 401(k) Refund with a Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plan

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Download report as a PDF The 401(k) Excess Contribution Solution To help ensure that a 401(k) plan does not favor business owners or other highly compensated employees (HCEs), plan sponsors are required to perform specific nondiscrimination tests. The Actual Deferral Percentage test (ADP) is used to help determine a 401(k) plan’s deferral limits. IRC Section 401(k)(3)(A)(ii) established the ADP test …

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans From the Employer’s Perspective

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Download as a PDF Question: Why do employers, as plan sponsors, offer deferred compensation plans?   of employers offer deferred compensation plans in order to create a competitive benefits package of employers want to help plan participants save for retirement beyond the limits of qualified plans of employers believe a deferred comp plan helps them retain key employees of employers …

Happy Fathers Day from Fulcrum Partners

Happy Father’s Day from Fulcrum Partners

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For all the Dads who make growing up better…. Happy Father’s Day! Securities offered through Lion Street Financial, LLC (LSF) and Valmark Securities, Inc. (VSI), each a member of FINRA and SIPC. Investment advisory services offered through CapAcuity, LLC; Lion Street Advisors, LLC (LSF) and Valmark Advisers, Inc. (VAI), each an SEC registered investment advisor. Please refer to your investment …


AALU Response to the Regulation Best Interest Rule

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Last week the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) passed the Regulation Best Interest Rule which the commission says, “will simplify consumer’s lives and tighten the standards governing brokers who sell investment products.” You can read the Commission’s final rule here: Regulation Best Interest The Broker-Dealer Standard of Conduct On June 5, the AALU (Association for Advanced Life Underwriting) issued the …

Plan Sponsor Decisions

Plan Sponsor Decisions: Because Life Really IS Like a Box of Chocolates

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Deferred Compensation News is pleased to share these insights from our friends at Strategic Retirement Partners (SRP) Plan Sponsor Decisions: How Many Investment Options Should You Offer? Often a plan sponsor struggles with deciding how many investment options to offer in their retirement plans. While people generally like to have lots of options when making other decisions, having too many …