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Rabbi Trust Put to the Test: Ruby Tuesday

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If you are trusting a Rabbi Trust to protect your retirement savings, then you might have been a little taken aback last month if you read the headline, “Ruby Tuesday Tells Court (And Retirees): ‘Pension Funds Are Ours.” In his article published in entirety below, Attorney Mike Melbinger does (as always) a thorough job breaking down the sequence of events impacting the Ruby Tuesday nonqualified plan participants.

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What is a Long Term Incentive Plan and How Does it Work?

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A long term incentive plan (LTIP) is a deferred compensation strategy that helps employers retain valued talent by rewarding employees for meeting specific performance goals. The goals, determined by the company as key to the organization’s success, may or may not be tied to the price of company stock shares or the company’s value.

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Section 409A Meets 162(m) and Some NQDC Plans May Need to be Amended by December 31

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Thank you, Mike Melbinger, for the following in-depth update on a problem no one apparently saw coming. We’ve enclosed below the full text of Mike’s article published on December 2, 2020: “Section 409A Meets 162(m) and Some Deferred Compensation Plans and Agreements May Need to be Amended by December 31,” followed by his additional postscript article published shortly thereafter.