Separation from service under 409A

Defining “Separation from Service” under Section 409A

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The atypical circumstances of recent months have created new situations most organizations have not previously faced. Every employer needs a clear understanding of which workforce reduction circumstances could constitute a “separation of service” and thereby trigger payment of benefits for plan participants covered by a nonqualified deferred compensation agreement (NQDC).

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Electronic Disclosure Safe Harbor for Retirement Plans

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Last week, the Department of Labor (DOL) finalized regulations for the new “notice and access” safe harbor for retirement plans. Known as “NOA Safe Harbor,” the new guidelines permit plan administrators to send required disclosures to plan participants and beneficiaries via email or other electronic means, including allowing employers to post retirement plan disclosures online.

COVID-19: The Issue Clearly is Human Capital

COVID-19: The Issue Clearly is Human Capital

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COVID-19 has painted a crystal-clear picture of the critical value of human capital. And with this heightened awareness comes an accelerated pace for new human capital governance. But even before the global pandemic abruptly redefined just about everything, Attorney Mike Melbinger, a partner in the Chicago offices of Winston & Strawn, and others were already taking note of the developing sentiment that matters of human capital management should rest squarely on the shoulders of Compensation Committees.

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Stock Option Repricing: When You Are Underwater Part 2

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Today we’re sharing Part 2 of an article written by Mike Melbinger on the timely and challenging matter of stock option repricing. Mike is a Partner in the Chicago Office of Winston & Strawn LLP. His law practice focuses exclusively on executive compensation and employee retirement benefit issues. Use this link to catch up, if you missed Part 1 yesterday of “Stock Option Repricing: When You Are Underwater.”

Fulcrum Partners publishes report examining how companies may be unintentionally shortchanging the key executives they rely on most.

Shortchanging Key Executives: New Report by Fulcrum Partners

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PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL — (May 6, 2019) Fulcrum Partners, one of the nation’s largest executive benefits advisories has released a report examining how companies may be unintentionally shortchanging the key executives they rely on most. The report, titled, “The Benefits Gap: How it Happens and How to Fix It” is available for download on the  Fulcrum Partners website at