C-Suite Executive Benefits

Think Everyone Understands C-Suite Executive Benefits? Maybe Not

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Financial Advisor (FA Online) recently published an article titled, “C-Suite Executives Could Benefit From Financial Counseling.” The article, written by Karen DeMasters, cited a survey of HR professionals on the topic of C-Suite executive benefits. With nearly 100 human resource professionals involved in the study, the research looked at the participants’ perception of how well (or how poorly) C-Suite executives …

No Executive Pay Plan, No Golden Parachute

CEO Tears Up His Own Executive Contract

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CEO Tears Up Executive Contract Becomes At Will Employee In a move that has drawn both praise and criticism, American Airlines CEO Doug Parker is becoming an ‘at will’ employee, tearing up his own executive contract. The move, documented by the Securities and Exchange Commission (click to view regulatory filing), means that Parker is no longer guaranteed a set level of compensation and …