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Rabbi Trust Put to the Test: Ruby Tuesday

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If you are trusting a Rabbi Trust to protect your retirement savings, then you might have been a little taken aback last month if you read the headline, “Ruby Tuesday Tells Court (And Retirees): ‘Pension Funds Are Ours.” In his article published in entirety below, Attorney Mike Melbinger does (as always) a thorough job breaking down the sequence of events impacting the Ruby Tuesday nonqualified plan participants.

Human Capital Management and Corporate Accountability

Human Capital Management and Corporate Accountability

Fulcrum Partners Deferred Compensation News

Is your organization prepared to be accountable to stakeholders (and the marketplace) for its human capital management policies and practices? If your company is still looking at human capital as a cost and not an asset, brace yourself for a dramatic perspective shift. As Michael S. Melbinger, attorney and author of the Executive Compensation Blog, has observed, “the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed human capital issues to the fore like never before.”