What is Nonqualified Deferred Compensation and Why Do Companies Use It?

What is Nonqualified Deferred Compensation and Why Do Companies Use It?

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A nonqualified deferred compensation plan (NQDC) is an unsecured promise made by an employer to pay compensation to key employees at a prespecified time in the future or upon the occurrence of a predetermined event. An NQDC plan is also one of the most powerful tools available to employers for recruiting, retaining, and rewarding key employees.

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Creative Executive Benefit Compensation Plans Don’t Just Fall Out of the Sky

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An executive benefit plan that serves your company and your executives well is the result of thoughtful and strategic analysis by an experienced and knowledgeable team of financial industry professionals, such as the team at Fulcrum Partners. And while a well-crafted plan doesn’t just drop out of the sky, sometimes our consultants at Fulcrum Partners do! Enjoy this short video …

Security Tips for Plan Sponsors

6 Security Tips for Plan Sponsors to Help Participants Avoid Fraud

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Strategic Retirement Partners (SRP) share the following helpful tips for plan sponsors who seek to do all that they can to keep plan participant accounts secure and fraud-free. Six Easy Steps to Keep Your Plan Assets Safe Cyber fraud is a growing concern globally. Individuals are typically very careful to keep their bank account and email authentication information safe, but …


The Role of Compensation Committees in Mitigating Potential Risks of Subject Performance Goals

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The Deferred Compensation News is pleased to publish the following post, written by Michael S. Melbinger, Winston Strawn LLP, previously published by the Executive Compensation Blog. Subjective Performance Goals After Elimination of the Performance-Based Compensation Exception The performance-based compensation exception to Code Sec. 162(m)’s $1 million cap on deductible compensation was eliminated by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of …