The Exchange for People October 2014

Phil Currie Looks at Executive Retirement Plans in October PSX Magazine

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Do you feel like you are “stuck with your SERP?” In this month’s issue of PSX: People Strategy Exchange, you’ll find cutting edge views and perspectives on all things relating to people strategy; a fresh take on human resources issues and executive benefits plan solutions. Access the magazine here. And read “A New Look at Executive Retirement Plans,” from Phil Currie …

Bruce Brownell Interview in September Exchange for People Strategy

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Managing Director Bruce Brownell is a feature interviewee in the September 2014 issue of The Exchange for People Strategy in a piece entitled “From Total Rewards to Total Value Exchange: A Mandate to Engage Key Stakeholders in the Organization’s Mission, Vision, and Values.” In this comprehensive 17 page question and answer session, Bruce Brownell and Michael Graham of Grahall, LLC …

Financing the Golden Years Among Senior Retail Executives

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The August issue of The Exchange for People Strategy online magazine contains this review of the last few years in retail sector retirement planning and deferred compensation suites for senior executives. Managing Directors Tom Chisholm and David Fisher lend their expertise to outlining the challenges in compensating key team members in positions outside of rank-and-file employees, as well as ways …

Changing Executive Compensation Plans & Performance-Based SERPs

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Online Human Resources publication “The Exchange for People Strategy”  recently published an article by Steve Broadbent and Tom Chisholm regarding the impact of changing regulations on executive compensation strategies, and how performance-based SERPs provide solid answers to maintaining a balanced and incentivizing compensation plan. The Exchange is a monthly publication you can receive directly to your inbox. We invite you to become a subscriber …

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation

FICA Taxes and Nonqualified Deferred Compensation

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(June 19, 2014) Ponte Vedra Beach Florida Executive benefits consulting firm, Fulcrum Partners LLC, is pleased distribute this AALU Washington Report to its clients and friends. This continuing series of articles is intended to provide deep insight into trends, events, and issues that impact the design and operation of nonqualified executive benefit plans. To see all media updates from Fulcrum …

The Exchange for People Strategy Executive Benefits Consulting

Could the Boom Take You into a Career in Executive Benefits Consulting

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From The Exchange for People Strategy, May 2014 issue, a Human Resources (HR) eMagazine, comes the following article by Bruce Brownell of Fulcrum Partners LLC. You’ll find new articles every month from the executive benefits consultants at Fulcrum Partners featured in The Exchange. The Exchange is a recently launched publication that strives to ask (and answer) today’s most challenging Human Resources questions. You can …

409A audits underway as IRS launches audit initiative aimed at compliance with rules for nonqualified deferred compensation plans under Code section 409A.

Series of Limited Scope 409A Audits Underway, from Groom Law Group

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Series of Limited Scope 409A Audits Underway Released May 6, 2014, by Groom Law Group is the following update on 409A audits being launched by the IRS. “The IRS has launched an audit initiative aimed at compliance with the rules for nonqualified deferred compensation plans under Code section 409A. A series of audits of a “limited scope” are underway. The IRS will …

Do Your Company Retirement Plans Really Work?

Fulcrum Partners Video Raises Questions About Your Retirement Plan

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With a new video, Fulcrum Partners Video Raises Questions About Your Retirement Plan PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL–(Marketwired – Feb 5, 2014) – Recognizing that discussions of executive benefits planning and your retirement plan can feel complex and even tedious, Fulcrum Partners LLC has turned to video animator Ydraw, to bring its message to life in a fresh and energized way. …