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Employee Financial Stress Takes a Toll on the Workplace

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Employee financial stress isn’t something that workers can compartmentalize or think about only in their non-working hours. In fact, fifty percent of American employees surveyed say they spend three or more hours of their time at work each week dealing with personal financial issues with twenty percent of that group spending as much as five hours weekly.

COVID-19: The Issue Clearly is Human Capital

COVID-19: The Issue Clearly is Human Capital

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COVID-19 has painted a crystal-clear picture of the critical value of human capital. And with this heightened awareness comes an accelerated pace for new human capital governance. But even before the global pandemic abruptly redefined just about everything, Attorney Mike Melbinger, a partner in the Chicago offices of Winston & Strawn, and others were already taking note of the developing sentiment that matters of human capital management should rest squarely on the shoulders of Compensation Committees.

Financing the Golden Years Among Senior Retail Executives

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The August issue of The Exchange for People Strategy online magazine contains this review of the last few years in retail sector retirement planning and deferred compensation suites for senior executives. Managing Directors Tom Chisholm and David Fisher lend their expertise to outlining the challenges in compensating key team members in positions outside of rank-and-file employees, as well as ways …