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Incentive Compensation Plan Changes: How Companies Are Handling the Impact of COVID-19 on Performance Targets and Metrics

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Would you be interested to see how organizations are adapting their incentive compensation performance metrics in the face of a global pandemic? The attorneys at Winston & Strawn have compiled an extensive chart showing changes organizations are making, including the rationale behind their decisions.

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Updates Related to Key Performance Metrics and Executive Compensation

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The following is an update in which Attorney Mike Melbinger, Partner, Winston & Strawn, does the heavy lifting in reviewing ongoing interpretive releases issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on the topic of Key Performance Metrics in Management’s Discussion and Analysis, the Financial Condition and Results of Operations (the “MD&A”).

ncentive Pay Practices at Mid-Size Companies

Incentive Pay Practices at Mid-Size Companies

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Incentive Pay Practices at Mid-Size Companies In a detailed report released this month, Main Data Group, Inc., looks at incentive pay plan practices in mid-size companies. The report, INCENTIVE PLAN PRACTICES ALIGNING EXECUTIVE PAY WITH PERFORMANCE, was prepared by Steven Hall & Partners and  is based on data developed using the proprietary Snapshot Data(TM) executive compensation platform. Looking at more than 800 publicly traded …