What the Sale of Great-West Life Signals for the Future of Institutional Life Insurance

What the Sale of Great-West Life Signals for the Future of Institutional Life Insurance

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Among the solutions Fulcrum Partners offers organizations for informally funding nonqualified retirement plans is the design of institutionally priced corporate owned life insurance (COLI) and bank owned life insurance (BOLI). Although a high percentage of Fortune 500 companies rely on COLI or BOLI products to tax-efficiently fund liabilities, there are a limited number of large, established insurers in the business …

Life insurance planning mistakes

Avoiding 5 Common Mistakes in Life Insurance Planning

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Executive benefits consulting firm, Fulcrum Partners LLC, is pleased to distribute this AALU WashingtonMarketplace Report, “Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind,” and You Know that Notion Never Crossed My Mind: Avoiding 5 Common Mistakes in Life Insurance Planning,” to its clients and friends. This continuing series of articles is intended to provide in-depth insight into trends, events, and issues that impact the …

AALU life insurance professionals

Marc Cadin Named COO of AALU, America’s Leading Organization Life Insurance Professionals

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Fulcrum Partners News is pleased to share the following announcement from AALU. The organization’s announcement to the media can also be read on the AALU website. Chief Executive Officer David Stertzer (AALU) announced the promotions of Marc Cadin and Chris Morton at the executive level. RESTON, VA (PRWEB) OCTOBER 24, 2016 AALU CEO David Stertzer announced that Marc Cadin has …

AALU Washington Report on Death Only Benefit Plans

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(March 10, 2015) Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida A new AALU Washington Report features an in-depth exploration of what Death Benefit Only plans are, which employees may be best served by this type of benefit, and how these plans are implemented. Special attention is paid to the taxation concerns for both employer and employee; these plans are typically subject to less …