Nonqualified Plans

Nonqualified Plans: Understanding the Fundamentals

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Background: Since the passage of The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), companies have found it difficult to provide their top executives with a retirement accumulation program that matches the level of benefits the average employee will receive. The Gap is Real   This information is from the Principal Financial Group® Replacement Ratio Calculator with source information from …

Nonqualified Defined Contribution Plans

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Are you looking for a guide to providing unlimited tax deferred contributions for select employees? A nonqualified defined contribution plan can be a valuable tool in providing long-term cash accumulation benefits to select employees of a company. As report author, Monte Harrick explains: A defined contribution NQDC plan is an attractive alternative for companies looking for ways to attract and retain the …

COLI and TOLI, Funding Alternatives for Nonqualified Plans

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Taxable Vs. Tax Efficient COLI and TOLI: Funding Alternatives for Nonqualified Plans   Pay as You Go (do nothing) Taxable Securities Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI) Taxable vs. Tax Efficient Taxable securities Selected for all types of nonqualified plan funding. Able to provide a range of alternatives that may be allocated to meet plan specific needs. Most effective if company …

Your Need for a Nonqualified Executive Benefits Plan

Your Need for a Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plan

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YOUR NEED FOR A NONQUALIFIED DEFERRED COMPENSATION PLAN Bridging the Gap … A nonqualified deferred compensation plan, NQDC, can serve an important function in helping to fill the significant gap between the combined amount of your social security retirement benefits plus your qualified retirement benefits and the amount of retirement savings you will need in order to replace your current …

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation

Deferred Compensation: A Fresh Perspective

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A Fresh Perspective on Deferred Compensation Forbes Magazine contributor, Steve Parrish, took an interesting look at the benefits of deferred compensation in an article titled, “Delaying Today’s Compensation Could Pay Off In The Future.” Parrish  explained, in simple terms, what distinguishes qualified plans from nonqualified plans. He pointed out that many workers may not be familiar with either concept and that those who …

Acceleration of Benefits following Nonqualified Benefit Plan Terminations

Acceleration of Benefits Following Nonqualified Benefit Plan Terminations

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Washington Report (November 13, 2015) Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida Acceleration of Benefits following Nonqualified Benefit Plan Terminations SUMMARY: This continuing series of articles is intended to provide deep insight into trends, events, and issues that impact the design and operation of nonqualified executive benefit plans (sometimes referred to as Top Hat plans). We occasionally highlight court cases that may be …