Plan Sponsor Decisions

Plan Sponsor Decisions: Because Life Really IS Like a Box of Chocolates

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Deferred Compensation News is pleased to share these insights from our friends at Strategic Retirement Partners (SRP) Plan Sponsor Decisions: How Many Investment Options Should You Offer? Often a plan sponsor struggles with deciding how many investment options to offer in their retirement plans. While people generally like to have lots of options when making other decisions, having too many …

Your Fiduciary File: What Plan Sponsors Should Keep

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With tax season in full swing, lists of “What records to keep at tax time” or “How long to keep my tax records” are always plentiful on financial and lifestyle blogs and websites. But last week, the Strategic Retirement Partners blog published a helpful checklist that deals specifically with which records to keep (and for how long) in a Fiduciary …

Retirement Plan Fees: 3 Major Universities Sued

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M.I.T., N.Y.U. and Yale Are Sued Over Retirement Plan Fees An article, (“M.I.T., N.Y.U. and Yale Are Sued Over Retirement Plan Fees,”) published in the New York Times (August 9, 2016) stated that attorney Jerome J. Schlichter, representing employees of Yale, New York University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has filed a lawsuit against the respective universities. The complaint alleges that the universities, as Plan Sponsors …