Why Today’s Organizations Offer Deferred Compensation Plans

Why Today’s Organizations Offer Deferred Compensation Plans

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Based on 2018 research results1, published and released by Principal® earlier this year, employers recognize that competitive benefit offerings remain key in attracting top talent. In a job market that can be tight and highly competitive, employers are looking for ways to recruit and retain key employees. Principal’s research shows that retaining and motivating key employees, along with restoring a …

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Recognize and Motivate Key Employees with a Nonqualified Incentive Bonus Plan

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Fulcrum Partners has published a new report designed for organizations and their CPAs and financial advisors. The report, titled “Recognize and Motivate Key Employees” explains what a nonqualified incentive bonus plan is and how a plan can help organizations retain and reward employees essential to the company’s success.  The report also looks at how experienced guidance helps organizations and their …

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How Deferred Comp Plans Can Help Pass-Through Businesses, a New Report

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Fulcrum Partners is releasing a new report designed to provide insights to pass-through businesses, S-Corporations, partnerships, and LLCs. Organizations such as S-corporations, partnerships, limited liability partnerships (LLP), or limited liability corporations (LLC) that have elected to be taxed as a partnership, are taxed as a pass-through entity. In many cases, a nonqualified deferred compensation plan can help solve the organization’s …