The 401k Excess Contribution Solution | Offsetting the 401(k) Refund

Offsetting the 401(k) Refund with a Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plan

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Download report as a PDF The 401(k) Excess Contribution Solution To help ensure that a 401(k) plan does not favor business owners or other highly compensated employees (HCEs), plan sponsors are required to perform specific nondiscrimination tests. The Actual Deferral Percentage test (ADP) is used to help determine a 401(k) plan’s deferral limits. IRC Section 401(k)(3)(A)(ii) established the ADP test …

Deductible Compensation Under the “New” Sec. 162(m)

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As attorney and author of the Executive Compensation blog, Mike Melbinger, looks more closely at the recent IRS guidance on the revisions to Tax Code Sec. 162(m), we continue to share his insights here on Fulcrum Partners News. To better understand the new tax laws and the related guidance recently published by the IRS, review Rethinking Executive Compensation While Awaiting …