The Exchange for People October 2014

Phil Currie Looks at Executive Retirement Plans in October PSX Magazine

Fulcrum Partners Human Resources

Do you feel like you are “stuck with your SERP?” In this month’s issue of PSX: People Strategy Exchange, you’ll find cutting edge views and perspectives on all things relating to people strategy; a fresh take on human resources issues and executive benefits plan solutions. Access the magazine here. And read “A New Look at Executive Retirement Plans,” from Phil Currie …

Changing Executive Compensation Plans & Performance-Based SERPs

Fulcrum Partners Human Resources

Online Human Resources publication “The Exchange for People Strategy”  recently published an article by Steve Broadbent and Tom Chisholm regarding the impact of changing regulations on executive compensation strategies, and how performance-based SERPs provide solid answers to maintaining a balanced and incentivizing compensation plan. The Exchange is a monthly publication you can receive directly to your inbox. We invite you to become a subscriber …

Key Watchwords in Long Term Incentive Compensation By Stephen M. Kaufman

New Article by Stephen Kaufman: Key Watchwords in Long Term Incentive Compensation

Fulcrum Partners Human Resources

A new article by Stephen Kaufman of Fulcrum Partners appears in the February issue of  PSX: The People Strategy Exchange EMagazine. Kaufman’s article, “Key Watchwords in Long Term Incentive Compensation: Efficiency, Diversification and Performance,” is available in the online issue of the magazine as well as on the Fulcrum Partners website Resources page. Download the full magazine here: PSX: The …

Fulcrum Partners LLC Releases Report on Executive Benefits in a Downturn Economy

Fulcrum Partners Fulcrum Partners Media Releases

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL– One of the nation’s largest executive benefits consultancies, Fulcrum Partners LLC, announces the release of the white paper: “Using SERPs to Create a Balanced Executive Compensation Program.” The authors of the report, Peter Lupo and Bruce Brownell, look at how a struggling economy can highlight the extent to which design flaws within some equity programs may …

Using SERPs to Create a Balanced Executive Compensation Plan

Fulcrum Partners Releases White Paper: Using SERPs to Create a Balanced Executive Compensation Program

Fulcrum Partners Reports & White Papers

Fulcrum Partners LLC has released a new white paper report, titled, “Using SERPs to Create a Balanced Executive Compensation Program.” In many situations, the introduction of a supplemental executive retirement program, (SERP) helps promote a more diversified ‘portfolio’ approach to executive rewards. We invite you to read the full report to learn more. The report, authored by Peter Lupo and Bruce Brownell can be read …