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Creative Executive Benefit Compensation Plans Don’t Just Fall Out of the Sky

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An executive benefit plan that serves your company and your executives well is the result of thoughtful and strategic analysis by an experienced and knowledgeable team of financial industry professionals, such as the team at Fulcrum Partners. And while a well-crafted plan doesn’t just drop out of the sky, sometimes our consultants at Fulcrum Partners do! Enjoy this short video …

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Fulcrum Partners Helps Organizations Compete for and Retain Top Talent

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PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL — (Aug 8, 2018) With the objective of assisting executives and organizations in accurately evaluating compensation plans, Fulcrum Partners has released the short, informative video, “Is Your Pay Structured for Lifetime Optimization?” The 30-second clip previews the benefits benchmarking data and Retirement Income Replacement Ratio (RIRR) charts that Fulcrum Partners customizes for companies and top-tier executives. …